The APQC Process Classification Framework





The APQC Process Classification Framework

The APQC PCF reference process models are now available on Process-plaza. This complete process package contains almost 200 models documenting over 1200 processes and tasks from 12 categories and is based on latest version of the Cross Industry Process Classification Framework.

APQC’s extensive Process Classification Framework (PCF) serves as a great foundation for companies around the world to grow, innovate, and improve. All processes in the PCF framework are based on the best practice research and benchmarking data around the globe.

Want to get started with the APQC PCF models right away? You can edit them directly in Sensus BPM Online via the link below.

Compare the PCF model build with Sensus BPM Online to the Excel based document Cross Industry Process Classification Framework including worksheets or download the full process PDF below.

Industry specific PCF Models

In addition to the cross-industry PCF, We will also provide additional versions of the PCF process models that include industry-specific processes and nuances. Contact us to stay updated when we will release Industry specific versions!

APQC Process Classification Framework

ABOUT APQC Framework

The PCF is a list of universal business processes performed by every business, giving you a common language to communicate and define work processes across your organization. Developed in 1992, the PCF is the world’s most widely used business process framework.

Download the official PCF framework on the APQC website

To learn more about the APQC PCF visit: