Tendering processes

In partnership with Tender Services Group. 





Tendering processes

In partnership with Tender Services Group

Tender Services Group is the foremost consultancy for knowledge and expertise in drawing up and submitting tenders. One of Tender Services Group’s initiatives is this submission process within the tendering process. The tendering processes were established in collaboration with Sensus process management.

We have incorporated our knowledge and experience into a complete tendering process in Sensus BPM Online. Our various sub-processes are defined in terms of identifying and qualifying an opportunity and how a tendering procedure progresses. They have been translated logically for you in collaboration with a Sensus consultant.

You will also find theoretical explanations and practical tools for various sub-processes that can help you submit tenders. This step by step process will help you to submit a tender and increase your continuity of turnover.

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This sample process contains the main process “Monitoring tenders” and the following sub-processes:

  • Identifying tender notification
  • Determining feasibility of the tender
  • Compiling dossier







About Tender Services Group

Your partner in succesful tendering

Tender Services Group’s experts in successful tendering are your eyes and ears when it comes to tendering. We examine the total scope, reduce complex issues to their essence and identify opportunities where no one else sees them. Tender Services Group guides you through the forest of feasibility, rules, criteria and registration, shares knowledge and ensures focus.