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ISO 9001 processes

When we talk about certification for ISO 9001 at Sensus process management, we are actually talking about introducing a quality management system. A quality management system includes everything (agreements, resources, processes) that is necessary to deliver and improve quality. In addition, ISO 9001 is a reference framework for bringing quality management to a level that is considered ‘good’ worldwide.

Important success factors in the implementation of a quality management system are management commitment, the employee interest, training of personnel and, last but not least, demonstrable success. A number of phases are gone through, based on these success factors and other things, to achieve a successful implementation of the quality management system and thus automatic certification for ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 processes

These phases can be found in the ISO 9001 process model. The following processes have been developed in this process model:

Phase 1: Create awareness
Phase 2: Determine the starting situation
Phase 3: Establish a quality policy
Phase 4: Draw up a communication plan
Phase 5: Prepare the organization
Phase 6: Develop a quality management system
Phase 7: Implement quality management system
Phase 8: External audit

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