HRM processes

Brought to you by Sensus. 





HRM processes

Brought to you by Sensus

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the personnel issues, obligations and HRM processes that they face. There is of course a lot to be found on the internet, but do you have the time to search for the right information? Is that information up to date? And how exactly should you apply it in your company? Ultimately, many entrepreneurs are forced to hire the expertise externally.

There is a simpler and cheaper way! The digital process descriptions and templates from are online HR-processes that will save you a lot of time and fees spent on external consultants.

Sensus-HRM® offers you a fully digital process model of all HRM processes, for which we have developed a complete HR management system for you. The process model enables you to map the processes within your organisation quickly and easily. All processes are precisely recorded in one universal language.

HRM process model

You will find the following processes in this process model:

  • Sickness absence (reporting sick and recovered)
  • Incapacity benefit week 1 to 8, plan of action
  • Incapacity benefit week 8 to 52, first year of illness
  • Incapacity benefit after week 52, second year of illness

Want to get started with these example processes right away? You can edit them directly in Sensus BPM Designer via the link below.