Customer Journey mapping

Brought to you by Sensus. 





Customer Journey mapping

Brought to you by Sensus

To create good customer experiences, it is essential to understand the current customer experience: designing a Customer Journey Map is the ideal framework for this. It is a visual representation of the interaction between customer and organisation. This makes it a tool for researching, analysing, and ultimately creating a foundation for improving customer experiences.

This process model contains the five steps you can take to create an optimal customer experience. Fill in your details to request the processes and get started with this interesting topic yourself.

  • Step 1: Understand
  • Step 2: Discern
  • Step 3: Connect
  • Step 4: Adjust
  • Step 5: Improve

Want to get started with these example processes right away? You can edit them directly in Sensus BPM Designer via the link below.