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Sensus process management

Sensus process management specialises in modeling, visualising, improving and connecting business processes. As such, we support you by helping you to understand and analyse your organisational structure and processes for process-oriented working. Our online application for process management enables you to share the knowledge you acquire about your business processes with your entire organisation and link it to other applications.

Process management is not a goal for Sensus but a way to serve the various policy areas. It is not an isolated domain, but rather the connecting factor with other domains within an organisation. Because that is often underestimated, Sensus Process Management introduced Intelligent Business Management in 2020. It connects process management to all policy areas and thus creates an ideal basis not only for quickly responding to opportunities and threats but also for implementing improvements consistently and across the organisation.

Domains that benefit from our approach:

Quality management

ISO, occupational health & safety, environment. You can see standards related to processes and you know which processes have to do with which standard.

Policy making

An important guideline for organisations. But policy must be translated and matched to measurable services, i.e. processes.

Human Resources

The right person in the right place. Training new people, making tasks and responsibilities transparent.

Business Intelligence

A rapidly emerging domain. All intelligent data must be able to be traced back to the related processes where it actually happens.

Risk management

Manage your organisation and priorities based on risks and opportunities. You have direct information about the processes where it actually happens.

Improvement management

Terms such as Lean, Agile and Six Sigma are all around: improvement management methodologies all based on processes, approached from a apecific angle.

Information management

Almost all companies are highly automated. Which services can take our work off your hands and how are they set up?

Document management

Manage, use and share all company information electronically. Accessible at any time, easy, safe and fast.

Process management can only be truly successful if it is set up on the basis of an integrated domain approach, so that every domain owner can champion their own fields from the start.

At Sensus process management we reason on the basis of a simple uniform process language, with a cloud application which is:

– set up for sharing knowledge and data
– made to connect and enrich the various domains
– set up to serve as a total ecosystem to allow organisations to be “in control”

And perhaps most importantly, the employee who has to read and understand the processes is our real customer.

In conjunction with us, the process manager acts as a facilitator with the best tools to make your organisation successful in the current climate.


Constant business optimisation

A community of users with a uniform methodology & process language

A powerful BPM solution for recording, publishing & measuring processes

An approach to connect processes to business goals and different policy areas

An ecosystem in which processes connect to reality

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