Sensus BPM Online

The software that provides insight

Sensus BPM Online is the smart business process management software for your organization. With Sensus BPM Online for process management you can map, optimize and share all processes within your organization. It is the perfect tool to quickly respond to opportunities and threats and to consistently implement improvements. Read more below about what Sensus process management means and what it can do for your organization.

Easily model & share processes

Sensus BPM Online is very user-friendly, allowing you to easily model processes. In addition, you can be trained as an expert by following our Sensus BPM Online training. Once the processes are described, they are ready to be shared. This is also very simple. Build a complete publication at the touch of a button that everyone within your organization can consult from the intranet or create multiple publications for various target groups or projects within your organization. You can then give employees the opportunity to provide feedback to continue optimizing your processes.

Process Plaza

Process Plaza is the place for various example processes. Sensus process management is at home in various markets, so you will find processes from industries such as construction, housing associations, education and municipalities. We work together with our customers and partners from these and other industries to describe and share valuable processes. Sample processes will help you get started and, as it were, form a framework for the processes of your organization. Get inspiration from example processes of others to improve yourself and move forward faster.

What suits you?

With Sensus BPM Online you have everything you need to get started with process management. You can immediately start mapping and improving the business operations of your organization. Curious about the possibilities?

Customers about Sensus BPM Online

“The GDPR requires you to have a processing register, which records which personal data are processed where, to whom they are sent and in which application they are processed. We have chosen to record the data processing together with the processes in Sensus BPM Software to easily keep the processing register up to date and to keep it alive within the organization. This way of working is very efficient and clear for us! This resulted in a GDPR process model, which we developed in collaboration with Hans Bloemen from Sensus-method. You can make an export so that you immediately have a processing register ready. A very pragmatic solution!”

Esli Endlich

Privacy Officer, de Alliantie

“The connection between Sensus software and Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems is used to have access to the current system architecture and to link it to individual processes. This way we have insight into the interdependencies between processes and applications, for example the phasing out of applications.”

Jacques van Iperen

Business Process Advisor, Portaal

“Sensus BPM Online is a simple tool and therefore very user-friendly. Process management is becoming more and more alive, because the content is becoming more complete, but especially because we describe it together.”

Mohamed el Issati

Controller, Havensteder

“When Omnia Wonen talks about optimally serving the customer, it is about faster, better, cheaper, more innovative, more flexible and more sustainable. And all that at the same time. “The great thing about process-oriented working is that you look across departments and organizations. Only Working in this way makes it possible to collaborate so well with our chain partners, because we have a lot of insight and overview to be able to manage.”

Mark Drost

Process Manager Construction and Maintenance, Omnia Wonen