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Get started right away with Business Process Management using our ready-to-use process models. The process models are classified according to sector and theme-specific processes. Developed in conjunction with our certified partners and customers, these process models can be opened directly in the Sensus BPM software application and can be fully adapted to suit your organisation’s needs.

Benefits of process models

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Process models are ready to use.
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Sector and theme specific

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Basis for process modeling

Sensus has developed a fixed format of eight process elements for framing processes correctly.
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Who are we?

Sensus Process Management is an organisational consultancy that specialises in describing and improving business processes. We can support you by improving understanding of and analysing your organisational structure and processes to facilitate process-oriented work. We guide and train your employees to ensure that process management becomes a fundamental part of your organisation. We use various approaches and methods to make processes more efficient, faster and better. The supporting Sensus BPM Software is seamlessly compatible with it.

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