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Get started right away with Business Process Management using our ready-to-use process models. The process models are classified according to sector and theme-specific processes. Developed in conjunction with our certified partners and customers, these process models can be opened directly in the Sensus BPM software application and can be fully adapted to suit your organisation’s needs.

With processes from Process Plaza you ensure clarity within your organization

Our example processes

HRM processes

ISO 9001 processes


Tendering processes

Project management processes

Customer Journey mapping

Application incident processes

The APQC Process Classification Framework

The benefits of our sample processes

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Get started quickly with BPM!

In collaboration with our partners and thanks to the process expertise of our consultants, we have created various example processes for you that you can request and edit completely free of charge with Sensus BPM Online.

Basis for process modeling

Sensus process management has developed a unique process methodology. One powerful process language for all users. Employees always structure, define and model in the same way and understandable to everyone.

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